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Group Therapy in Soho Central London, W1

The Soho Therapeutic Group

The Soho Therapeutic Group might be considered as a potent alternative to individual one-to-one psychotherapy, an opportunity of enquiry into one’s place in the world through that of community and group relatedness. Allowing one to engage with relationships in this way, the group dynamic may enable you to find ways of doing things differently as a result. Through honest exchanges in this supportive environment risks might be taken and a new independence found giving a richer sense of connection with yourself and others.

The group meets weekly and offers a confidential space in which to explore issues and to help gain a deeper understanding of the possible causes and affects of unhelpful thoughts and feelings, giving a richer sense of connection with yourself and others. It might also offer, to those engaged in the healing professions, in training as counsellors and therapists or those in a place of leadership a useful experiential process.

Is Group Psychotherapy for Me?

Joining a group may sound intimidating however you may be surprised by how rewarding the experience can be. In a world and culture that might offer more and more opportunities for isolation, the group dynamic offers a place that might be considered as a more realistic world of relating. The group concept offers a very effective way of using psychotherapy as a tool for self-development that is quite different to individual one-to-one psychotherapy. As in life, people have different personalities and backgrounds, and they look at situations in different ways. The groups diversity is another important benefit of group therapy.

Some of the Benefits

The psychotherapist Irvin Yalom said one of the benefits of being in a group is that you do not have to feel alone in your problems… that others too might have similar issues. Therefore a group can attenuate isolation and offers the resources of the whole group rather than one individual as in individual psychotherapy.

Groups can help you to find your voice in the presence of others… to express how you feel and what you need whilst being connected to others. Sometimes this can feel difficult to do because it means being aware of how you feel; being connected with yourself whilst being with and connected to other people.

People do not generally live in isolation, and so people develop in relation to the family and community. The group offers a space where the individual can experience in a therapeutic setting how he or she relates within a social setting and can be helped to change if that is what is wanted.

Groups can help with relationship problems as different and creative ways of relating to others can be explored.
The group can offer support and insight in a mutual way based on equality of members.

Why This Group?

The Soho Therapeutic Group meets weekly at 7-8.30pm on a Wednesday in Soho, Central London. It has a maximum of nine members and will be co-facilitated by myself and Amanda Ferozha. We offer an open-ended approach, that is a group that is ongoing and new members may join. Depression, social anxiety, or substance abuse may be discussed alongside issues such as anger, shyness, loneliness and low self-esteem. Groups often help those who have experienced loss. It doesn’t set any specific agendas.


There is a charge of £35 for an assessment. This would establish whether a commitment to engage consistently with the group over a reasonable length of time will help you get the most from it. This would be discussed face-to-face at this initial consultation. Ongoing charges are agreed on a sliding scale of £25.00-£35.00 per weekly session discussed at the initial consultation. Missed sessions are chargeable. Unfortunately the venue would not be suitable for clients requiring wheelchair access.

Next Step

If you think this group may be an option for you then call Amanda or myself to arrange an initial consultation. There is of course no obligation at this point, if the group dynamic would not suit you at this time and if another mode of therapeutic practice might be more useful, a referral is offered.

Contact: Amanda Ferozha on 07949 023889 or Spencer Rowell on 07771 784 931

Email: [email protected]

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